Terms and Conditions

Order Delivery to Retail Customers

Your order will be delivered at your mentioned shipping address within 24-72 hours for local city, 2-5 days for other cities in Pakistan,  and within the period of 3-7 Working days for overseas customers (Air shipments). We deliver our retail products through best local couriers for local customers and by Air cargo services for overseas customers however, the delivery time is prolonged to over 15 days or even higher in case the shipment is requested by the customer to be sent through sea cargo. There are no quantity limitations for retail customers as you can buy from single piece to any higher quantity.

Order Delivery to Wholesale Customers

For wholesale customers, delivery time depends mainly on required product quantity, location, and the cargo service requested by the customer. We do however, deliver within the span of 3-7 Working days for available products, 7-12 days for arrangables, and 12-30 days for products which are out of stock or out of manufacturing season and are requested to reproduce on-demand. Minimum quantity required for wholesaler is 50 pcs however, 10 pcs as a sampble might be ordered.

Product Return Policy

Our inspection team always inspects product thoroughly and leaves no stone un-turned in providing quality furnished products however, there might be an over-sight due to work load and we are always open to exchange any such pieces with deep apologize for inconvenience. Replica products have certain conditions and we strongly advise to read our full Product Return Policy to avoid any conflict or inconvenience.

Tailoring/Stitching Services

Stitching and Tailoring services could be arranged on-demand and we stitch dresses with care and core concentration however, loss of dress (s) in case of any unforeseen accidents i.e fire, robbery etc would lead to no return and no compensation. We stick with the measurements provided by customers however, additional charges would apply for any change or alterations requested.

Contacting Us

Should you require any assistance or have further queries or questions, please feel free to drop an email to [email protected] or call us directly on cell 0092 3318813096.

Updated: 1st Jan, 2022.